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10 funny photos about the art of survival of a variety of pets under one roof

Domestic animals are like small children – sometimes they consider themselves the centers of the Universe demanding maximum attention to their precious person.

If this is an exaggeration, then not much. And this is most clearly manifested when a new animal appears in the house, and here you can observe examples of jealousy in its purest form!

With local strife and Shakespearean passions. No, sooner or later they find a common language. The only question is whether it will happen sooner or later…

1. You pass, pass … there is nothing to look at here!

2. United Front Against Vacuum Cleaner

3. Family photo in all cuteness

four. Everyone has their own method of begging for sweets

5. Face speaking for itself

6. Unceremoniously waking up a cat by a dog just to play

7. You lie well, don't you? Comfortable? Well, it was you recklessly lying down …

eight. Who taught which of them to show their tongues to each other?

9. And the protective cone did not help prevent a brawl

ten. As soon as she put the couch on the bed for the time of cleaning, the cat decided that this place was now entirely hers!

Source: duck.show

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