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The owner accidentally spilled food, and the reaction of the cat glorified him on the Web

In Great Britain, in London, lives an amazing British Shorthair cat. Its owner is journalist Kelly-Lee Cooper, who periodically takes pictures of her pet on camera and publishes it online.

Stills with a furry friend are gaining immense popularity, because the light red pet behaves like a real Hollywood actor.

One day, Kelly accidentally spilled her cat's food. In these pictures, the hostess decided to capture the consequences of the failure, but at the same time she caught the amazing reaction of the pet.

The sequence of emotions experienced by the cat is clearly visible. At first he was surprised by what had happened, then he began to panic in bewilderment, and, finally, he was completely upset and sadly lowered his muzzle.

The girl posted the photos on her social networks, where they instantly gained popularity. Several hundred thousand users were delighted with the facial expressions and emotionality of the animal.

It's funny that the cat did not stay in a state of disappointment for a long time and quickly rehabilitated. Almost immediately, as the hostess removed the camera, the fluffy actor began to “recycle” the scattered food. According to Kelly, the cat ate as much as he could until the girl put things in order.

Source: lemurov.net

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