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Choosing a friend with the heart of a 5-year-old girl: “I will take the most unnecessary and unfortunate dog!”

“Money can't buy friends!” – this truth was confirmed by the 5-year-old daughter of Elina Dilenko, when she and her mother chose a dog for themselves in a shelter.

And the selection criterion was that the dog lived in the orphanage for a long time and was the most unhappy.

As a result, mother and daughter brought home the largest and aggressive male from all shelters.

He lived there for three years, was considered problematic and because no one wanted to take it.

And a miracle happened: this “evil”, “terrible” and “problem” became the most affectionate and reliable friend of the family.

The heart, apparently, rarely fails in such matters – as happened with a little a girl and a huge and ferocious dog before.

Source: duck.show

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