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12 dogs adopted from a shelter: it's their first day in a new family


The emotions of dogs that are taken from a shelter are difficult to predict in advance. When an animal crosses the threshold of its new home, it may appear frightened or wary. Sometimes the dog gets lost, he does not know where he needs to go.

Some pets hide in a corner and are cautious look out. It is interesting to observe the reactions of dogs. After all, they are all so different and charming in their own way.

1. And who did we take from the shelter?

2. Hurry to the house!

3. It is impossible to remain indifferent

four. Max's new home

5. Charming Ripley

6. The pet got into the house during a business trip to Afghanistan

7. The dog could not find a loving family in any way. He was rejected twice. But now all the troubles are in the past

eight. With such a gift, this Christmas will be remembered for a long time!

9. Sincere happiness!

ten. One spontaneous decision brought so much joy and happiness!

eleven. It is impossible not to note his meekness

12. Just look at the charming dog!

Source: duck.show

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