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The Briton bought a cat in Russia and earned a fine

A man named James Brown from the UK took the risk of buying a cat from a Russian organization, but did not get what he expected at all.

James is a Londoner and a big animal lover. For a very long time, the guy was overcome by the dream of acquiring an unusual cat of an exotic breed. Brown decided to go online looking for an animal, where he came across a Russian company selling exotic pets.

After talking with the specialists of the company, James finally decided on the future pet. The company offered him a Bengal cat, which the customer immediately liked. She was distinguished by an unusual appearance – short hair, exotic color, large paws and ears.

The man agreed on a deal and began to expect his new friend. Having received the cat, the owner was insanely happy – she is exactly the one he was looking for. So he thought at first. But a few months later, James began to have doubts about whether this was a Bengal cat?

Some unusual changes began to occur with his pet, both external and internal. The paws and ears of the animal became too large for a cat, and the behavior became somehow predatory and even aggressive …

Everything cleared up completely when Brown was contacted by animal protection services. They sent James a subpoena for possession of a wild animal. It turned out that the guy was sold not a Bengal cat, but a serval – a wild and, moreover, a rare animal of the cat family.

In the UK, such an animal is allowed only in a cage, but not in home conditions. In addition, a license was required to introduce a serval into the country. And, since James did not know what kind of “pig in a poke” they slipped him, he violated all these rules.

One way or another, the trial took place and, unfortunately, not in favor of Brown. The man was fined £5,000 and the animal was taken to a specialized institution. To pay off, James almost had to sell his house.

border. This is, first of all, unsafe, and besides, it is punishable.

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