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Little raccoon, abandoned by his mother, came to the people

Katie Fuskaldo first saw her future pet Rockett when the raccoon was barely a week old. It happened in the yard of a woman: a motherless cub just wandered through the grass.

Katie decided that she could help the animal and began to take care of him, feeding him with milk formula.

Fuscaldo did not plan to keep Rocquette forever. But Rockett herself decided that she didn’t really want to go into the wild. When, already vaccinated and reared, the young raccoon was released from the house, she never went far beyond Katie's yard.

Now Rockett is friends with Katie's dogs, she literally considers them her team for active games and dirty tricks. Raccoon still enters the house, sometimes she even sleeps with her foster mother.

Katie Fuskaldo says: “We have a great relationship! She needed me as a mother. And I took this unique opportunity to go out and raise this wonderful creature.”

She admits that before meeting with her ward, she didn’t even think that raccoons could be so affectionate, quick-witted and cute. A young woman started an Instagram account dedicated to Rockett.

Now there are more than ten thousand followers, who probably also began to look at raccoons differently.

Source: lemurov.net

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