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11 proofs that our cats are ourselves, only in woolen coats

The main sign that people live in a family is the presence of common habits and interests. And here the main word is not “people”, but “general”, because the rule also applies to animals.

As they grow older, the cats will adopt your habits, both good and necessarily those that many are ashamed of.

But what to do – they are exactly the same emotional, illogical and self-satisfied, like us, only instead of bald skin, a pleasant fur to the touch!

When you come with a friend to a party where you don’t know anyone else

No one wants to go to work after holidays

It's a bit early for me to open the swimming season

Selfishness towards one's neighbor

When you start to realize that you are wrong

Your reaction to accusations of being fat

When you photoshop it and suddenly it turned out cool

The neighbors turned on the music early on the weekend: your reaction

I am the ideal!

For parents, we always look like this

In ambush, waiting for good luck

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