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An alien dog approached him at work. He took him to the vet and discovered a terrifying secret


It's never too late to help a dog in need. Whether it's a newborn puppy or the oldest dog on the estate, they all deserve our empathy. However, let's face it, most of our attention is on puppies. And there is a good reason for that. They are sweet, they can't take care of themselves and we feel the need to protect them from the cruel world before something bad happens to them.

But what should we do? to do with those who have not received help? Maybe those who live on the street all their lives? How can we help them? Well, after reading the story about this toothless dog, I guess I have an idea. And a new hero …

One day Cody Leightenheimer found this little stranger. As he said himself: “I've been working in a factory that manufactures wooden floors for several months. I had the whole wing basically to myself. One day I was dyeing custom furniture for my boss's Florida summer house when I looked across the hangar and saw a little puppy. I immediately wanted to quit my job and hug the pet, but had to finish it. The dog, however, had no such problem. He came up to me and watched me with his big eyes. I stroked him and immediately noticed that his coat was full of knots and fleas, he was generally not in the best shape. Upon closer inspection, I realized that he was graying around his mouth, ears and face. “


“During the lunch break I fed him chicken He was so skinny I could feel all the bones. I started sending pictures of him to my wife and planning how to persuade her to take him home with me. Fortunately, I didn't have to – she didn't mind. “


“I thought I would have to keep him out of the door until I finished work and take him with me. But my little friend fell asleep on the floor and stayed there all day. “


After returning home, they bathed him, brushed him out as many fleas as possible and took them straight to the vet. The list was impressive: growth retardation due to malnutrition, cataracts caused by blunt instrument blows on the head, gastric ulcer causing vomiting, severe oral problems due to tooth rot, and complete deafness.


The veterinarian has identified him as a Shetland Sheepdog between the ages of 8 and 12 life and weighs about 7.3 kg.


“After the fistula surgery, restrictive medical care and months of pampering by a family that loves him like children – Toothless (nickname given by a five-year-old daughter after watching the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”) became an elderly gentleman. ”


The doggy was treated like royalty and led the life he deserved, protected by Cody and his wife Kasia.


He never lived in the cold again, although he used the occasion to play in the snow sometimes.


He liked dressing up …


The sweetest pooch around.



Of course, his favorite pastime was napping.


And he had many opportunities to do so.


All this time there was a sentence hanging over him – from 3 up to 12 months of age. He survived a year before he became too sick to give us his charm over the next few days.


“In the end, I watched as my best friend, beloved pet and greatest warrior I know, plunged into a well-deserved rest while his mom and I hold him by the paws. He passed away in June 2014. “


“Never no I thought that I would be able to love a pet as much as I loved him, as WE loved Toothless. Everyone who met him immediately fell in love with him. His vet, our friends. He was one of a kind. We hope we gave him enough good memories to erase his bad past. “



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