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The smallest poodle in the world


Different dogs have admirers, in particular, the smallest ones. This is easily explained by the fact that many people live in various megacities, and therefore cannot create decent conditions in the apartment for the normal maintenance of a larger dog.

Therefore, people often decide to have small dogs in their homes that do not need too much space for a normal life.

Today we invite you to get acquainted with tic poodles.

Their size is no more than 21 cm, and their weight is about one and a half kilograms.

And this is – if we talk about the largest representatives of this breed.

However, not only the incredibly small size of these cute dogs causes tenderness.

They are very similar to real plush toys!

Such poodles are very playful and active, and in intelligence they are definitely not inferior to their larger relatives.

So if you are a small dog lover, then you should definitely take a closer look at tickap poodles.

Source: duck.show

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