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11 cats who like to test their owners' endurance

Who in the world can be cuter than a cat? And bolder? Interesting question, right? And we ask it for a reason – look at the selection of photos where these charming furry muzzles fascinate us with their beauty and grace.

And especially cute they may pretend to beg for food. Well, or during sleep …

“Who closed the lid ?!” The cat expresses indignation about this

And sits as if he is not him!

Futile attempts to get enough sleep from my wife on her day off

Waiting for the moment to jump from above when someone passes by the door

This is what teamwork might look like

The face of our cat when he sees meat, but understands that he will not be able to eat it

I slept quietly and peacefully. And then he started to freeze. Waking up a couple of minutes later, I realized why

When you get caught “hot”…

Even in the bathroom it is impossible to retire alone! This mustachioed muzzle needs to control everything!

For some reason I thought that only dogs are capable of this

“The iconic stage has been recreated today. At least somewhere he played along normally ”

Source: duck.show

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