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A cute couple of a puppy with broken hind legs and a dove that can't fly.

These cute animals have serious health problems. But they share a great friendship. And the thing is that Herman the dove cannot fly, and Lindy the puppy is not able to move normally.

This the couple is being cared for by the New York Foundation for Animals and Birds with Birth Defects.

The chihuahua Lindy, with his congenital spinal injury, struck up a friendship with the pigeon Herman, whose underdeveloped wings do not work at all.

As Sue Rogers, who founded this non-profit foundation, explained, these two residents of the foundation's shelter became friends almost immediately, starting to show their affection for each other on every step.

It all started with the fact that Sue while caring for Lundy, Herman sat on his bed. She first watched the wards, preventing them from getting close and fearing that they could harm each other.

But after a few minutes of communication between the wards, her fears dissipated – the puppy and the dove showed clearly visible friendliness. And it was very cute and unusual.

Source: duck.show

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