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She ran into a burning house 5 times to save her kittens and take out each one

The world learned about Scarlett's maternal feat back in 1996. This cat would have continued to live a measured and familiar life in one of the Brooklyn garages, until on the night of March 30, someone set fire to this old garage.

The firefighters, who promptly arrived at the call, noticed that in a burning building every a cat runs in and out at once – each time dragging a kitten about a month old in its teeth. Moreover, the kamikaze cat was not given into hands, it was torn into the fire again and again, after it carried the next baby to a safe place.

This is how Scarlett looked right after the fire, in start of treatment.

the cat's ears and whiskers were burned, the paw pads were charred, the cornea of the eyes was clouded – but she threw herself into the fire five times in a row, until the last, fifth kitten was safe. And she could not do otherwise – only one fit in her teeth. Having taken out the last one, already seeing nothing, she was convinced by touch that all five were saved (by poking at each of them with her muzzle) – and only after that she fell, losing consciousness. took the cat to the veterinary clinic, where she was rescued and left.

The New York Post published a detailed report on this event on its pages, which caused a wide public campaign to raise funds for the treatment of the mother-heroine.

By the way, the kittens were attached very quickly. And Scarlett, after all the medical procedures, was taken to her home by a woman named Karen Wellen, who said in an interview with representatives of the Animal Welfare League that she would take care of her like her own child.

And she kept her word – the cat lived with the woman for another 13 years, no longer knowing any worries and dangers, only shuddering sometimes in a dream from the experience.

And according to the results of reader polls, Scarlett was recognized as the “Cat of the Century.”

Source: duck.show

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