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You leave for work, the cat continues to enjoy life – 15 photos (and not only cats)

Pets do not have life, but honey – there is plenty of food, there are no dangers, heaters work in the cold season, air conditioners in the hot season.

Under the open sky, they would not even dream of such comfort, if they were free forest or steppe animals. Sometimes they just take envy at the sight of how comfortable our four-legged friends are!


Sweet afternoon nap

Dogs on wheels

I deign to take a nap

Not enough minions with fans

Business guy

Joys of a domestic cat

A person has a lot of interesting and pleasant things at home

Photo with purring sound

Hi! I woke up

Sweet couple

Being friends with a person is very, very useful, because a cat will not kindle a fire for itself

everything is fine

You don’t have to go to work, lie down, watch TV shows

Wonder what entertainment they made for him alone

Fun with the owners!

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