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Wonderful and rare miracle: white northern oleshek

In far northern Norway, the best time is winter, which is logical. In winter, as photographer Mads Nordsven knows from his own experience, wild animals often come out to human habitation.

Therefore, he has a professional habit of walking around Oslo with a camera and watching the animals. Recently he met a very rare guest!

, and therefore very curious!

Strictly speaking, this is a reindeer

But normally they have gray and brown coats. And such a white one is unique!

The photographer noted that Oleshek was not afraid of him at all, he even showed great interest. Probably already used to the fact that everyone considers him unusual and respected. They looked at each other for a few minutes and that was enough to take amazing pictures. And then a mother deer, of the usual color, came out from behind the trees, and the deer ran to her.

Pay attention to the black eyes – this is not an albino

Handsome, right?

Let's hope he doesn't get eaten by the Norwegian wolves and he grows up big and handsome reindeer!

Source: lemurov.net

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