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Why is the cat waiting for us at the door when we get home


Many people who have a fluffy purr at home claim that their pet always sits and waits at the door of the owners. True, this does not apply to all domestic cats. Not everyone shows such devotion. And this is an occasion to think about where the answer to this question is.

Cats are almost like dogs

The fact is that cats don't “think” like dogs. They, like dogs, hear sounds around the house. Either cars are driving nearby and slowing down, or a person is walking up the stairs, or the door lock creaks. All this makes it clear to the cats that the owner is on the way.

As a consultant who studies the behavior of cats notes, pets have a developed sense of time. If you usually come home at the same hour, then they perfectly “remember” exactly when to expect you.

In addition, the time of arrival of the owner almost always coincides with the hour of feeding the animal. If this ritual is not violated, then cute kitties are already sitting ready at the door, waiting for food.

And if there are failures, then the cat begins to worry why you are not at home during time. In addition, in addition to a bowl filled with treats, she also receives your affection.

Parallel worlds

Cats and humans have not evolved like dogs. Ancient hunters taught wolves to “serve” people even before agriculture appeared.

Cats near human dwellings are a direct result of the development of agriculture. For millennia, cats have lived alongside humans for quite a long time. And during this time we found out our main habits. They learned the time of their feeding and playing with them.

Conclusion: give the cat food and play with it at certain times of the day. Then she herself will not forget to remind the owners of this.



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