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15 Cases When Pets Looked So Stupid They Didn't Have to Try to Make You Smile


No matter how much the owners tell everyone that their pet is the most intelligent and well-mannered, we all know that pets do not always behave adequately.

Sometimes they seem like such fools! But that's why we love them : after all, it seems that they don’t have to try at all to make their owners laugh.

one. Pleasant road

2. “I covered him with a blanket and he looked at me like this for 15 minutes”

3. When tired

four. Spouts

5. A good ninja should not be seen!

6. House for “cats”

7. I'm going to sneeze now!

eight. I sit well

This strange pose is a favorite for many cats. But it looks very funny. We have a whole selection on this topic.

9. Hiking is a tiresome business

ten. Love for Packages

eleven. When you really don’t feel like going to the bath

12. I see the goal – I run to it

13. “This is how he tells me that he has no water”

fourteen. Two comrades

fifteen. Cats are liquid

And what are your animals capable of to cheer you up.

Source: twizz.ru

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