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When the cat took his wife away – 15 photos (and also When the dog took the guy away)

Few people like to be jealous, because this feeling is associated with such bad feelings as insecurity, anxiety, resentment …

It happens that a family member becomes a homeowner or homeowner – your pet! On the one hand, this is bad, because there is nowhere to escape from it. Well, on the other hand, an animal cannot seriously threaten your relationship! This is what remains to be consoled.

And let the whole world wait

They are already playing phone together

How can you not feel superfluous here?

And he also called him a good boy…

you love her, and then in the evenings she hangs on the door, waiting for your boyfriend from work

Left her husband with a cat for two weeks!

And it also happens like this: he got himself a girlfriend, and as a bonus he got the hottest fan in the face of a cat

Okay, guys, I'll probably go, just take a photo

A look full of love

The door behind which the husband disappeared

Them no one is needed

And you go take out my tray

On the right photo, the dog looks as if he understands everything

Be jealous to the cat and watch her and the guy when they are together – is this normal?

Daisy shamelessly hits on the landlady's boyfriend. I took personal happiness in my paws

Oh, you hug better than my mistress, can you pick me up?

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