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When cats point dogs to their place in the house – 15 photos from which it blows impudence

Insolence and cats are synonyms. Cute cats are so impudent that they do not hesitate to take away the rightful places of those who are several times larger than them.

So it turns out that dogs find themselves at the very bottom of the domestic hierarchy and humbly wait for a person to come and put things in order, after clicking the camera …


one. The dog doesn't even resist anymore

2. Fluffy Invaders

3. Oka-ai

four. Now we are the masters here

5. Not fair!

6. The dog thinks that the cat will become cramped, and she will leave on her own. Naive

7. Well, at least a paw can I?

eight. The dog will have to learn to live with the thought of cat impudence

9. The bed monster moved into the light

According to the stories of the owners: the dog Abby wants to make friends with the cat Dexter, but he does not reciprocate her. But the invader liked her bed.

10. I won't give up!

eleven. Who's daddy here? The cat is daddy

12. Ginger and his subjects

13. Master, what to do?

fourteen. The cat watched how the dog bed was assembled, and when everything was ready, he took it

fifteen. Mommy, drive away this impudent muzzle

Source: bezkota.ru

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