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What are we ready for for the sake of cats – 15 photos

Whatever we do for the sake of our beloved cats. The cats worshiped by the Egyptians would be proud of their little offspring, for the sake of which people make climbing frames and toys, take out trays, expose their skin to scratches, and so on …

As an adult

Climbing ladder – made with love

And this one – with super love!

Kitty wants socks too

So that your cat does not ignore the bed, put it near the battery

Personal cat's balcony

Every month is a star, because there are no other cats in the house

Minecraft castle for your beloved pet

What now, carry the drinker back to the store?

We made this miracle using the papier-mâché technique and pleased the fluffies

Winter sweater is lovely

If the cat does not wean itself from drinking from the tap, there is a way out – a designer drinker

You, master, create gifts for me, and I will think whether to accept them or not

This is his personal blanket, the most beautiful in the house

Budget and sincere option. The main thing is the desire to please the cat, and the rest will follow


Source: bezkota.ru

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