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Is it in domestic animals that life is carefree and without difficulties? 10 rebuttals

People in their dominant position believe that they know everything about the needs of the animals under their care. Well, apparently, because they satisfy these needs.

Although if they had the courage, they would : they don’t understand a damn thing about these needs!

They consider them trifles, or even don’t notice them at all. Thinking, apparently, that the tailed ones have a carefree and sweet life, and what difficulties are, they are unaware.

1. Well, let's at least admire the cutlets!?

2. The cat spent 20 minutes looking for a fly that had flown into the lamp. Above. Whereas she flew out of it from below a long time ago!

3. I’ll climb onto the handles myself, since they don’t take it and ignore it!

four. This slut gets licked every time you touch him.

5. The cat does not understand how this Halloween cobweb can be decorative.

6. In bewilderment, she looks into the bowl from which she ate the last piece, with the look of “And then what?”

7. Hey hosts, what's up? Okay, I'm a cat, it's everyday business with me, but why should a child suffer?

eight. Boring things! No running, no playing … sit and wait for the owner from work.

9. 15 years old the same thing: I bark non-stop at the terrible pumpkin that the owners bring, gut and start carving something out of it.

ten. Neither stand up, nor sit down, and lie down – what is it? That's right: they are being taken in a car!

Source: duck.show

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