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What are cats? Cats are magic

What is “magic”? These are cats. Cats are unearthly creatures, as if they came to our world from another galaxy. They see in the dark, land resiliently, speak a mysterious language, but most importantly, they sleep in incredible positions.

They are at the same time calm, like a Buddha, and active, like a hurricane;

  • can be the embodiment of tenderness, but also with rage itself;

  • they are sometimes lazy and complacent, but they spend hours tracking down prey.

    Cats combine earth and sky, black and white, fire and ice, sun and moon. There are cats of different breeds, colors, there are both completely hairless and with a luxurious fur coat. Each cat has its own charisma and causes delight and a desire to solve the mystery.

    “My cat, come, lie down on my chest, hide your claws, sharp, as a sting ”(Sh. Baudelaire).

    Lights up

    A friend in need will not leave

    When the batteries were disconnected, but the reflex remained

    Warm the legs by the fireplace

    Okay, this is the place he chose. But the pose! Yogis are resting.

    The baby is sleeping, everyone is quiet

    Lights up

    Archived itself

    Favorite position

    Sleep outdoors

    Sleeping everywhere!

    What kind of gravity?

    Sleeping place for family pet

    I fell asleep on the way

    Have eaten, you can and sleep

  • Source: duck.show

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