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15 photos from the series “It seems that my dog is completely broken”

The portal has a section called “What's wrong with your dog”, which translates as “Hey, what's wrong with your dog?”. And most often they ironically say in response, “Yes, she just broke down.”

Just like in that joke, it really looks like that.

Doggy named Darling can show either ears or tongue, but not at the same time

This is our queen of darkness. She is really scary.

It's good that the dimensions of the sofa allow lie

All dogs are like dogs and only Hank… well , did you understand

braked head

True, I look like a dinosaur ?

Loves to look at the world from such a angle

Immediately seen – naughty

Reaction test showed strange

And what do you call it?

The main thing is to pretend that nothing to do with you

And so every night, despite the training and prohibitions

And they said that dogs don't climb trees

Great type for horror movies!

I waited for the summer!

And then they wonder why some people prefer cats!

Source: lemur ov.net

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