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Wedding photos where the main character (or face?) Is a cat

Today, people take pictures of every moment of their lives. Many have simply become addicted to photography. But even if you are not from this army, it would be simply a sin not to film your wedding.

What are the main attributes of a wedding photo? You and your soul mate, rings, a table and a restaurant, a veil, guests, dances and competitions, the first dance of the bride and groom, a wedding bouquet, a limousine and much more.

Do you think that's it? But what about the cat?

Yes. A wedding is impossible without incidents, and if a mustachioed-striped handsome man became a fault, the wedding was a success.

Will it really live in the same house with me? I won't let you in!

What, you didn’t order fresh carp and mouse for me? Well, what kind of banquet is this, huh?

It seems that everything is according to the rules, and the ransom of the bride took place, but here's the main thing the character (or muzzle) is dissatisfied with something …

Why do you need a husband? You don’t get enough of me, getting under your feet?

Are you sure you want to get married? And what about kittens, oh, children, to do ? They barely distributed mine, but what will we do with yours?

Love triangle, however. The bride loves the cat, and the groom loves the bride;

The future husband did not part with the cat even during the marriage …

A wedding is fun and sad at the same time.

Who am I going to sleep with now?

I won't let you get married! Who should I sleep with now?

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