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The kitten came as a hare to become the main support for other orphaned kittens


The stowaway kitten turned out to be incredibly sympathetic, and now helps other relatives, the same orphans.

Black&White Kolb was two weeks old when his brood was found by farm shop employees. He and three other kittens huddled on a pallet, between 23-kilogram bags of seeds.

Later it turned out that the kittens came to the store as hares along with seeds from a regional warehouse. Unfortunately, their mother did not survive in the transport.

The store employees together carefully got the kittens, after which they notified the Animal Welfare League of Arlington animal rights activists. Residential volunteer Lauren offered to help.

“I was grateful to these kind people, but at that time I did not yet fully know how much we owe them. Later that day, I took Kolbe and his siblings home with me,” says Lauren.

It was assumed that the kittens would grow up, get stronger, find their owners and go with them to a brighter future.

Lauren has been hard at work for several weeks finding the right foods, medications and supplements to treat the babies' stomach problems and improve their overall health.

“At that time they grew slowly, but they were in a great mood. I have never seen kittens cuddling so much.”

Kolbe turned out to be the most loving in the brood. He could give a lot to a person, even when he was the size of a palm.

eyes and the corners of a small mouth, ”says Lauren.

“But he grew up, becoming a bright, goofy and even more loving boy with a mesmerizing sound of purring.”

At the overexposure, the kittens did everything that was planned, and they had only a few days left until the next chapter of life. In the meantime, Kolbe sunk deep into the soul of all members of the foster family …

“We began to seriously discuss whether we should leave Kolbe, but we said to ourselves that we are educators, and this is part of the process.”

feeling realized: this is the end of the chapter. “But, as it turned out, our story with Kolbe did not end there.”

A few days later, Lauren received a message: Kolbe was being returned due to concerns about his health. The black and white kitten has always had wide-set eyes and a slightly protruding forehead. After several visits to the veterinarian, they came to the conclusion: either Kolbe has a very mild form of hydrocephalus, or his muzzle is simply made for kissing.

“We knew that we would not be able to say goodbye to him a second time. Everything worked out so well, as if this wonderful boy should be ours. ”

After a couple weeks, three new pupils got into Lauren's house – Lucy, Levi and Lucas. Hearing a meow from the nursery, Kolbe ran to get acquainted. Of course, they didn’t let him do this, but he patiently waited until the kittens passed all the checks at the veterinarian.

“He likes to watch them through the playpen. As soon as one of them bursts into tears or makes a noise, he comes running to sit next to him.

For the first time joining the newcomers in their nest, the former adoptive Kolbe was in seventh heaven with happiness. He began to take care of them, as if he knew exactly what they needed.

Kolbe became their elder brother: he looks after, brings up to date, teaches cat wisdom.

Three gray minke whales are equal to him , imitate his habits in the game and follow on his heels.

“I cannot wish for a better older brother and teacher for my pupils. He just loves kids and is always very lenient with them,” says Lauren.

“He can teach them what I can't teach condition. Orphan kittens receive love, care and a sense of peace from their relatives, which their mother should now give. ”

Black and white boy Kolbe is now a handsome and healthy young cat.

Tomorrow Lucy, Levy and Lucas will officially leave foster care to go to their permanent homes. Kolbe is very proud and wants to keep helping the kittens.

“I am glad that my future pupils will have Kolbe, and that he will have them. This will improve his socialization and surround him with all the friends he can wish for,” Lauren says.

“The adoption of Kolbe is not a failure of foster care. This is a complete victory.”

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