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Two-faced cat became a father, and nature was able to surprise again: photo of original kittens

The cat named Narnia is three years old and lives with a French lady named Stephanie. Nature rewarded him with an extremely extraordinary color: one half of his head is completely blue, the other is pure black.

beautiful blue eyes. The owner posted photos of the pet on social networks, and soon the cat became famous.

The hostess decided that her pet has the right to become a father. Recently, Narnia became the father of beautiful kittens. And again we observe the wonders of genetics!

A cute expression of the muzzle, a little upturned nose – both kittens are incredibly similar to their dad. But the colors of the kittens are completely different: one of them is pure gray, and the other is black with small white spots. They only have the same eye color – not blue, like their father, but bright yellow.

Animals whose muzzle is divided into two even halves are called chimeras in science. But, according to the passed genetic test, Narnia does not belong to them – this is an ordinary cat who was just lucky to have such an unusual color.

Where it came from is a question that nature will never answer us.

Source: duck.show

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