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7 pictures of the miraculous return of disappeared pets home

Missing pets cannot be found, as in the “Wait for me” program. If there is a happy reunion, it is only by great chance. But, fortunately, cases of returning animals home are not a rare occurrence.

For seven whole years, the Stone family lost contact with Alex's favorite. The dog escaped after the second four-legged friend was taken to his grandmother. Surprisingly, even after so many years, the baby chihuahua still remembered his owners.

Volunteer organizations help pet owners a lot. Place ads, take care of our smaller brothers. This dog could not be found for more than six months, but thanks to caring people, everything ended well.

Mike Ples did not lose hope for four years to reunite with his friend Jack. And a few years later he received a call from a shelter where his dog had ended up. After Jack's return, Mike was finally able to relax.

Zeus and taken 2,000 miles from home. The kid turned out to be smart and agile – he escaped from the kidnappers. More than thirty people participated in the operation to return the pet home, where he ended up around Christmas – isn't it a miracle?

This man lost hope of finding a best friend, because he was forced to move to another place. However, six months later, a friend sent him a video from the orphanage, where the missing boy was captured. The owner immediately went to the indicated place.

This story proves how useful chips are for animals. Seven years after the loss of the dog, a veterinarian contacted Manuel Veillard and said that his Champa had been found.

This story does not cover such a long period of time as the past, but still it made one family nervous. The trip out of town was overshadowed by the loss of two dogs. But, much to the surprise of the owners, the pets who went on a spree returned home after walking more than twenty kilometers.

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