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Twelve proofs that toys are important for animals

On our planet, not all creatures are very caring about their own offspring. At the same time, such care often takes rather strange forms.

share our love for little furries.

However, such affection is often so strong that it is simply amazing. Pets have their favorite toys that are incredibly dear to them. They try to spend as much time with them as possible, feed them and protect them.

Does not want to give away his toy, but at the same time he cannot avoid the temptation to boast of fun to the guests.

It is very smart and a wise cat, because he knows well that his favorite toy needs to be fed while he eats!

“Boni very carefully placed her toy in my bag.”

Raccoon received a toy raccoon as a gift.

Such a touching look.

Excellent bright a toy!

Once the crows almost stole his friends from the fur. After that, this dog is constantly vigilant.

The plush dog almost completely copies the look of the dog!

It's a real rag sandwich!

A funny toy of a little Khaleesi kitten – a small soft dragon.

For many years of his life, the dog never had a favorite toy, but he was taken from a local shelter. And now everything has completely changed.

This hedgehog has a cloth friend. And they are very good together!

Source: duck.show

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