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The hostess instructed her dog to choose a kitten from the shelter

It is generally accepted that the choice of a pet lies entirely with people. But not in our case: the dog chose the cat in this family, and this choice resulted in their long-term friendship.

It happened a few years ago. The woman had a puppy named Raven, and she wanted to take him a pet companion so that the dog would have more fun. And for this purpose, she decided to purchase a cat. Only she left the choice of a playmate to the puppy herself.

The selection procedure was arranged in this way: in the shelter, several kittens were put in front of the dog and began to look at their mutual reaction. She was quite expected. Someone backed away from Raven, frightened by him, someone remained indifferent to what was happening, and only one immediately ran up and began to enthusiastically play with the dog. Thus, a home friend was chosen (or rather, a friend was chosen), named Woodhouse.

Since then, the two ponytails have been inseparable. They play together, travel with the mistress and even sleep together. Of course, with age, the intensity of relations has somewhat decreased, but they have become more affectionate, patient and caring for each other. But they are inseparable and even go to sleep at the same time and in an embrace.

Source: duck.show

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