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Twelve cases when owners forgave everything to funny pets

Everyone knows very well that the punishment is definitely not inevitable, if it is good to ask for forgiveness. Acting stupid, incredibly scared and very upset. To be honest, this is still amazing science.

Not everyone can learn it and make it their advantage. But pets succeed in this science quite well!

One has only to look at these funny faces and you will understand that a hand will not even rise to punish them! We have collected for you a whole selection of such animals. Enjoy!

He understands well that he is to blame, but he knows what needs to be done to be quickly forgiven.

It's not me, isn't it clear?

Similar traits of character will give him the ability to easily avoid severe punishment.

The owner wanted to know who did it, and the violator immediately gave himself away.

For some reason there were no holes for the ears, but he wanted to wear this beautiful hat.

The cat is just shocked

Will you beat?

The main thing is just to pretend that you have nothing to do with it.

What to do now?

I ate everything that was and begins to show incredible pangs of conscience.

Am I to blame, master?

The more you drown in these eyes, the more chances he has escape punishment.

Now, of course, you understand why it is so difficult to punish your beloved pets for their various antics. Whatever they do, we are always ready to forgive them.

Source: duck.show

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