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15 Photos Of Canine Siblings Who Are Clearly Not Enthusiastic About Their Relatives

Dogs are not much different from their owners – so their relationship with their brothers and sisters develops just like people do.

Some live in peace and harmony, while others are ready for anything, just to annoy their relatives.

Fights over toys, petty mischief and just sidelong glances – this is familiar not only to people , but also to dogs living under the same roof.

1 . “How does my boyfriend's dog react to a new puppy”

2. Stealing a ball from your sister and then sitting on her head is the perfect crime!

What, did you think that in the dog world the brothers and sisters some other relationship? No matter how!

3. “He loves his new sister”

four. Younger brothers and sisters are the same in dogs and humans

5. This muzzle screams: “Save!”

6. When the facial expression speaks for itself

7. The eldest obviously conceived something bad

Here the owners clearly should not leave this couple alone with each other. There may be homicide – and this is clearly read on the muzzle of one of the dogs.

8. “My brother? No, I didn’t see it! ”

9 . “Let's get a new puppy, they said”

ten. “And at that moment he regretted that he asked to have a younger brother”

The little ones are good only in dreams – in fact, such trips are obtained.

11. Cunningly thought out sabotage

I heard my dog whining, went downstairs and saw that his little brother was blocking ladder and does not allow him to go upstairs.

12. “My dog is clearly unhappy with the new addition to the family”

13. Brotherhood in all its glory

fourteen. When he wanted to play, and his brother is clearly not in the spirit

fifteen. “Some hard chair”


So small, but already annoying

But like human brothers and sisters, after all the fights and teasing, these dogs certainly put up and live in peace!

Source: twizz.ru

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