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Touching photos of the transformation of dogs that were taken from the shelter

In the US alone, 6.5 million dogs end up in animal shelters every year. And not everyone gets a chance to find a new family.

Frankly speaking, few people are lucky at all, and animals appreciate it very much. Just look how they change. when they find themselves at home!

It was and has become – I can’t believe my eyes!

The sick and unhappy became healthy and cheerful

Good nutrition and care – that's the whole secret of dog happiness

The little cripple can once again enjoy freedom of movement

The first winter in warmth and comfort

Funny eared has found his home

You can help everyone!

The soul rejoices, looking at and such transformations

He was afraid everything and everyone, and now modestly smiles at the world

The happiest smile in the world

Everyone is able to create a real miracle for others

The difference of 9 months is very visible

It is not an easy life for a dog, but there is hope in it!

We must help those who are entirely dependent on us, this is the kindest and most correct thing we can do

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