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Touching examples of how a veterinary cone is changing the lives of animals

Smart people came up with a veterinary cone for pets for good purposes – so that they don’t lick off medicines, don’t touch healing wounds and generally behave modestly and neatly until they recover.

But such a thing is disgusting and incomprehensible to their very nature, so wearing a cone invariably leads to various curiosities.

The Comforter has come and that is joy

Give me tsomnu at least in your nose, since it’s impossible otherwise

This is so that a person understands what his pet is like

The standard of indignation and indignation!

Children have their own reaction to everything new

Fto what the fuck?

Well, you Would you like to feel like an adult? I do not like?

Let's change the rules games, huh?

Hana your slippers, you know!

And someone never loses optimism!

A real death star!

The same “look dashing and silly”

Nothing, it's not forever! The sore will pass and the cone will be removed, you will enjoy life!

Source: lemurov.net

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