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Kitten wants to be hugged all the time


Milena from the Canadian city of Montreal once saw a ginger kitten on the Web, namely a girl who needed human help.

Woman decided to help the poor animal.

The kitty turned out to be very thin and extremely shy, with her head bowed and her ears flattened. She avoided eye contact with all her might.

Milena I immediately took my pet to the vet. Local animal rights activists were notified about this.

The kitty was put on a drip at the veterinary clinic and then helped to eat normally, since she had no appetite at all.

Recovering physically, the pet began to gradually revive. As soon as the cat's condition improved, the volunteer Marion took her in an armful and carried her to the so-called overexposure.

Since little Angie has tasted love and affection, she still can't get enough.

Angie is no longer the shy she used to be at the veterinary clinic. At the same time, she does not hesitate to ask people to handle.

In almost a few weeks, the shy cat has changed a lot and has become extremely loving. Watch Angie in this video:

Source: duck.show

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