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Thousands of people wanted to make viscacha their spirit animal


To be honest, we are all tired of the events of the past year, and few people look to the future with a happy and naive look.

Therefore, it is no wonder that a tweet with a photo of whiskey has become so popular – this animal, with its whole appearance, seems to illustrate the feelings and self-awareness of tired people. Directly a kindred spirit!

This is whiskey . And this is her normal state.

Plump, soft, sleepy animal

No, in fact, viscacha is a typical rodent, agile movable

But thanks to this tweet, everyone suddenly realized – here he is a symbol of our time!

“Today I found out that it exists. This is viscacha. As I understand it “

This furry beauty lives in Chile, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia

Viskashi is a completely harmless herbivore , lives in small families, prefers to eat grass and lichens, lives in rocky areas. They are sometimes hunted for fur and meat, but this is not a game animal. Vizcacha is not on the verge of extinction, it is little threatened. That is, there are no good reasons for sadness and longing, and she is not sad either. It's just that the appearance is like that of a sad oriental sage with his long thin mustache.



An excellent symbol of the beginning of the year. We all need a philosophical attitude to problems and patience.

manual beast. Although, maybe this is for the best – people do not disturb them.

Source: lemurov.net

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