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15 Dogs Who Lived Very Happily Until Another Dog Came Into The House


Everyone knows that dogs are the most devoted friends, and what faithful friend would want to share his master with someone else?

And yet, dog owners sometimes do not stop at one pet, and another dog appears in the house, and usually young and rather arrogant. such moments, their older comrades only have to muster all their patience – but all emotions are still easily read on their faces.

See for yourself!

It seems that we ruined the life of our old dog a little

When everything is clear without words

As you can see, Milo is a bit shocked

Master, can't we give it back?

Not everyone in our family is happy with the appearance of a puppy…

Patience, a little patience

We are trying to convince him that it will get easier soon!

My face when a competitor appears nearby

I don't even know what our the dog thinks about the appearance of a puppy

Until they taught her that elders should give way to a seat in transport

Who was talking about patience?

When we adopted a new puppy, I was worried that the older dog might scare him

I definitely did not expect such a reaction!

No, no, none jealousy

The look speaks for itself

The first meeting was successful

We are sure that over time all the pets will get along with each other!

Source: twizz.ru

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