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“There will be no cat in our house. I give you two days…”! Mom forbade leaving a kitten, but something went wrong


Brazilian Stephanie once heard her dog barking loudly from her backyard. She went out into the yard and saw a small tabby kitten near the fence. It was raining and the poor fellow was completely wet and cold and shivering from the cold.

understand where it came from. But she never managed to find his owners, apparently the kitten was homeless.

When Stephanie's friend Julia Braule found out about the kitten, she offered to take him to her home. Julia named the kitten Luna. However, when Julia brought the kitten to her home, her father immediately agreed to take it in, but Julia's mother was against it.

She did not like cats and considered them cold and selfish animals. She let Luna stay at home for a couple of days, but then Julia had to find a new home for the kitten.

“When Luna arrived to us, she began to explore our entire house. Our pet dog Cookie was immediately timid in front of the moon and my mother was also not happy with the unexpected guest. But everything changed over the next two days, ”says Julia.

Julia began to look for new owners for the kitten, while the kitten had his own plans. The next morning, Julia's mother woke up to the fact that the kitten was lying on her bed, trying to “kiss” her face and purring loudly.

And when Julia's mother got up and walked around the house, the kitten followed her everywhere. He sat in the kitchen while she was preparing breakfast and tried to start playing whenever the woman was around.

“My mother fell in love with Luna so quickly that she was shocked herself. Already on the second day, she said that now we have not four family members, but five (me, mom, dad, dog Cookie and Luna). Thus, after two days, it became clear that our home had become the permanent home of the Moon. also briefly avoided the kitten, now she and Luna behave like sisters. Luna loves to play with a dog's tail and they run after each other.

“Luna even gets a little jealous when my dad takes Cookie and goes for a walk with her.”

“Most of the day she likes to just lie around like a plush toy, but then she starts to run and rush around with redoubled energy . Luna and my dad also like to watch TV together.”

“She has been with us for two month. Mom loves her so much that she often sends me funny and cute pictures of her when I'm at work.”

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