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15 Cats Who Think They Own Stores And Think Customers Are A Nuisance

Almost in all stores, animals are not allowed to enter, but since they cannot read, they enter there without a twinge. And they even live there, while they have the audacity to consider themselves the owners of shops.

And look down on customers – all sorts of people are running around here, you know.

Great example – you can’t, but in fact you can

What are you buying? It's not milk!

Perfect place to sleep

Real store owner!

Can't you find it without change?

Young sweet tasters

Chief is on lunch break

Take this. Believe me, I'm not cheating!

Life is good if everything is not in a hurry

A new generation of storekeepers is growing up

Why don't you buy anything?

And they say cats don't like citrus fruits

The main thing is to establish contact with the client!

Discounts? We have not heard about any discounts.

Man, know your place

I'm watching you. Yes, yes, follow you.

No wonder cats are considered symbols of order and comfort. Without them, there is simply no way in the store!

Source: lemurov.net

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