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The puppy got to the girl who saved him, overcoming thousands of kilometers

A military girl named Webb, while serving overseas, found a small abandoned puppy, completely defenseless compared to her peers.

A young US Army sergeant took pity on the poor man and decided to take him on.

The puppy received the uncomplicated nickname Puppup – which means “puppy”. Webb tried to make the dog grow up healthy and strong, spent all her free time with her for this and made it clear in every possible way that she was loved.

And suddenly the circumstances changed dramatically – an order came to relocate to their homeland. And as luck would have it, it was necessary to urgently fly out with the very airline that prohibited the transportation of animals on the plane.

Webb had to leave a new friend, with whom close, almost related, relations had just begun to be established.

And then an organization that specializes in such cases came to the rescue. It's called “Paws of War”. In record time, people from this organization arranged so that after passing all the veterinary and quarantine procedures required in such cases, the dog was organized a flight to its owner.

There was even an overexposure waiting for the plane. All these procedures were done at the expense of this charitable organization, and soon the happy hostess met with her ward, who missed her.

Source: duck.show

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