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The cat brought a stray kitten from the yard – look, owners, who will live with us now

The cat brought the kitten from the yard to the house, raised it, and raised it into a happy cat.

Last summer, a stray kitten appeared on a farm in the Netherlands. He rummaged in the yard in search of food and went up to the house itself. a cat, one of whom, Stavros, was picked up from the street over a year ago. Having adopted a third pet, the woman thought that would be enough already. “We told ourselves that three cats is enough,” says Clarike.

But with red-and-white Stavros, they forgot to consult. When the cat noticed a new relative near the house, he developed his own plan.

He was already playing with might and main and got along well with the little newcomer when his family only found out about the kitten. What was their surprise!

The kitten came over and over again to chat with his pet friend, and they were often seen sleeping alone in the garage, attached to the house. They seem to have been friends all their lives. The homeowners asked the neighbors and waited for a while, but no one came for the kitten.

“Stavros was with him every time he appeared. He even gave the kitten his food. From that day on, I began to feed the guest,” says Clarike.

It became obvious that the kitten did not at home. And since Stavros took him for his own, the owners decided to officially adopt a fourth pet and call him Charlie.

It took Charlie a few days to get used to life in the house. Stavros became his mentor, brought him up to speed and taught him the tricks of the cat.

A few tips from an older friend – and now, Charlie has already learned how to use the tray and tasted the toys.

The kitten has become less wary of people. Gradually, he let them get closer and allowed himself to hug.

Best friends take care of each other, and Stavros has the role of an older brother. He never gets tired of washing and hugging Charlie, it is important for him that the kitten is clean and feels loved.

The red-white cat teaches the younger one to be more brave with people, because they should serve the cats and be supervised.

Now already Charlie often follows his mother around the house and is interested in everything she does.

“Charlie has turned into a tame. He was shy only when he moved in with us, but now he's tagging along, waiting for someone to sit down so he can get on his lap,” says Clarike.

“When I do laundry He's right behind me. He likes to watch and follow me into the bathroom. What personal space, what are you talking about. “

Charlie became playful, mischievous. He does not let his fellow relatives relax and endlessly puts on a show.

Stavros adores the kitten and pulls numerous tricks off his paws.

Charlie often cuddles up to his best friend, sharing the same chair or bed with him. He wants to be together and is equal to his older brother in everything.

Now Charlie has already grown up and he is very happy in his big family. He is bright, cheerful and always glows with happiness.

Stavros continues to look after the younger one and protect him from problems. Sometimes they sleep holding their paws.

Charlie is now a tame young cat, the happiest guy in the house, living a full life.

Source: bezkota.ru

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