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The owner of 4 dogs shares pictures of her pets, one of which always spoils the photo. And everyone has such a friend

We all have a friend who constantly ruins pictures together! Intentionally or not, but this friend always deprives you of the opportunity to post your joint photo on social networks.

people, but also dogs. Yoko Kikuchi, a yoga instructor from Hong Kong, has four of them, all Shiba Inu breeds. But only one of them systematically undermines the success of a joint photo shoot with their grimaces. What it is, fun or rebellion, we do not know, but it is very, very fun to watch!

Try to guess from the first time what kind of dog we are talking about

These are Yoko's four favorites: Kikko, Sasha, Nina and Momo. Nina is a white-colored Shiba Inu who loves to fool around in pictures. It is thanks to her that the photo session turns into a real adventure, which is very funny and fun to watch!

Nina always amuses his mistress

Her playful disposition is noticeable even in photographs

The hostess loves to take pictures of her pets

Yoko loves to arrange photo shoots for her pets and knows for sure that Nina will certainly cheer her up with her antics, which are followed on Instagram by more than 70 thousand people!

Queue for snacks

“Please keep social distance”

“Nina, Wake up, the weekend has begun!”

Nina will always find a way to distinguish herself from her friends

Photographing animals is not easy. After all, you can’t explain to them that for this you need to stand still for at least a couple of seconds! First you need to let the pets get used to the camera, allow them to smell it and try not to use the flash. And maybe then your pet will get used to this miracle of technology and become the main star of Instagram!

Who , I wonder if it did

Paradox: Nina does not like to be photographed, but she is the one who makes the pictures special

Even when it is harmful to the full

Nina celebrates Momo's birthday

It seems that Nina feels like a queen even at someone else's celebration of life. This is what makes her a charming riffraff, whose pranks you want to follow without ceasing!

Source: twizz.ru

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