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The one-of-a-kind yellow penguin was photographed for the first time

A snapshot of historical significance and simply outlandish curiosity – photographer Eve Adams managed to capture an impossible creature!

From a biological point of view, this is a penguin, but where have you seen penguins have a bright yellow color, like parrots? Unique, to be sure!

Science says that this condition is called “leucism”. Similar to albinism, but different, and much rarer. They began to study it in penguins at the beginning of the century, but the trouble is that scientists have not yet taken a single normal, decent photograph. So this is the first shot of Adams so colorful and detailed.

All black white, and he is yellow!

According to statistics, such an individual can appear with a probability of 1 in 150,000. On the island where the yellow penguin was found, a group Adams counted about 120,000 birds, and he was the only one among them! The photographer himself believes that he was incredibly lucky – and just to meet such an instance, and get close enough for a good shot.

Alas, if social network users are delighted with such photos, scientists are skeptical about the prospects of the penguin. It is not in vain that nature endowed birds with a camouflage coloration, and such an eye-catching one attracts a lot of attention, including predators. But there is also no question of catching and relocating the unique to the zoo.

Amazing shots!

Source: lemurov.net

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