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Charming tummies: 10 incredible shots

Puppy's bellies are tender. So I want to touch this cutie. The rounder and larger the tummy, the funnier and more interesting the baby is.

Well, how to get past such a tummy?!

one. This baby is definitely dreaming of something very tasty

2. What are you standing? Well, scratch my tummy already!

3. What is the best way for me to lie down so that my tummy looks toned? So okay?

four. The tummy no longer fits

5. You scratch my belly, and I'll rest for now

6. Am I eating a lot? You haven't seen the others yet

7. Don't you dare stop!

eight. Work takes all the strength

9. The belly grows first. And then I

ten. Well, how to resist these folds?!

Source: duck.show

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