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The most charismatic cats in the world from the Kuklachev Theater

All cats are good in their own way, but not everyone knows how to express it. This requires talent and the opportunity to hone skills.

Where are the best conditions? Of course, in the theater!

This is the author's project of Alexander Khokhlov and Veronika Ershova

Photographers were invited to the Theater Kuklachev to make a portfolio of cats

Not just to take a picture, but to reveal the character each

After all, these are not just cats

And the most fluffy artists

Not every cat is able to work in the theater

And it is useless to teach them, says Kuklachev

A cat will either love the stage and work or not

He knows what he is talking about, his theater has been operating for 30 years

By the way, still the only one in the world

In 1995, in Paris, the theater was awarded the Gold Cup of the World and received the title of “The most original theater in the world”

Also, the International Association at the UN awarded the theater with the prize Golden Phenomenon”

The Association of Broadway Theaters recognized the performance of the theater “Cats and the Artist” as the best performance of the year

Incredibly charismatic cats! Real talents!

Source: lemurov.net

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