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A frightened kitten huddled among the stones and was accidentally noticed. Now he is so cute and brave!

A kitten hiding in the stones was noticed by a passerby.

In the middle of March, a passer-by noticed a tiny ginger kitten running frantically in an arc towards a heap of stones by a stream. There the baby hid and did not come out.

The finder immediately posted the information on Facebook, since it was not possible to get the kitten. This post was seen by a veterinary sister, a volunteer from Best Friends Felines (cat and kitten rescuers in Brisbane).

The woman rushed to save the kitten, leaving all her work. After working hard, she was able to pull the kitten out of the stones, and let out a sigh of relief.

“She found him in a deplorable – only in fleas and with a negligible weight of 225 grams, ”say fellow animal rights activists.

About six weeks old, the kitten was so emaciated that he looked half his age. Volunteers looked for more kittens in that place in the evening and the next day, but did not find either the saffron siblings or his mother.

“He was all alone, terribly frightened and starving.”

The little lion cub was named Mufasa and taken to foster care, where he was waiting for round-the-clock guardianship of an experienced volunteer. “Mufasa goes to work with his guardian every day and feels great,” commented Best Friends Felines.

For the first week, the red minke whale gained 100 grams. While still very small, he showed the determination and courage of a lion.

“(When we got him) he was at least 50% stunted, but the good news is that he is gaining weight and now weighs 320 grams,” rescuers added later. – This is still too little, but we are glad that he is recovering, becoming stronger and more energetic. He loosens up and becomes very loving.

Getting to work with a foster mother, the kitten prefers to be carried wrapped in a warm blanket or bag, and so it rides with pleasure all day.

“He loves to take naps in a sling and works regularly with his caretaker (veterinary nurse) to help oversee the front desk where he melts a lot of hearts,” activists add.

The red-haired boy has yet to grow and grow, but now he has already stood on his paws, his character has been formed, and playfulness is increasing day by day. “Now he plays and explores, and it is always touching to look at.”

Mufasa purrs loudly when he is stroked or scratched with a toothbrush. He falls asleep in his foster mother's arms, satisfied, feeling safe and cared for.

“We are grateful to the person who posted the post on Facebook, because without his participation the baby could not survive and get to us “.

The life of a lion cub saved thanks to many kind people. Thanks to them for his growing up and joy.

Source: bezkota. en

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