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The man helped the dog and this gave life to six puppies

A man named Nicholas found out that there is a dog in a shelter in another city that should be put down soon.

The indifferent citizen did not put up with this and immediately went there to save the animal from death.

The man already lived a four-legged pet, which he adopted from a shelter. Nicholas decided that there was enough space for another dog.

Seeing the dog, whose name was Emma, Nicholas immediately realized that she should live with him. With the help of members of the Society for the Protection of Animals, a man took a homeless animal from a shelter. Having brought Emma home, the man saw that his ward was pregnant. The shelter staff did not notice that she was in such a state.

Soon Nicholas had seven new pets instead of one. After all, Emma gave birth to six puppies – two lovely girls and four boys.

The owner bought everything necessary for the kids at the pet store – food, the necessary vitamins, bedding and toys. The dogs got a cozy home, and the owner got new loyal friends. The puppies are growing, the mother-dog takes care of them. They are very good together.

Source: duck.show

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