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15 Snapshots Of Pet Cats Taken Out Of Their Warm Apartments For A Walk Into The Snowy Outside World

We all know that the natural habitat of cats is a cozy warm house. But with the onset of winter, all the owners of the fluffy ones are eager to introduce them to the snowy outside world.

And the reaction of cats to a street wrapped in snow can be very different , and therefore touchingly funny.

Today we have collected for you 15 pictures of domestic cats, which were taken outside to get acquainted with the winter a fairy tale, and this meeting of mercy with the elements turned into a real delight for the eyes of the owners of the tailed ones. )“What it is?”

Smells like winter

“Why did you take me outside, man?”

Snow hedgehog

“We took Savannah for a walk”

Cats do not always enthusiastically share the idea of their hosts stroll through the snow-covered streets. And they still do not know that snow is the same hated water, only in a different guise.

In the arms of winter


“Our cat tried snow and froze the brain “

“Snow path for cats”

“My cat loves snow”

Despite the fact that domestic cats are treated with warmth and comfort, this does not interfere with many of them to enjoy the winter fairy tale, roll in the snowdrifts and enjoy catching snowflakes with their mouths. my girlfriend saw snow for the first time “

Winter Fan

“We took our pet for a walk”

“My cat Luna likes to walk in snowy weather”

The bigger the snowdrift, the better!

Bonus: “My cat's simple and clear opinion about snow”

And if you are wondering how they react to the beautiful winter our other pets are dogs, you can find out about it from our selection!


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