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The kittens were picked up from the roadside – since that day they have been holding on to each other

Two kittens have been each other's greatest support since the two of them were found on the roadside.

Near the road we noticed two kittens less than a day old. Their mother left the children and never returned. Tricolor babies clung to each other, not even having any food.

A kind man picked them up and began to rescue them. Through the efforts of volunteers, two female kittens were delivered to the Sparkle Cat Rescue (in Northern California) under the supervision of an experienced caregiver.

Having received the kittens, guardian Sarah Kelly began to feed them every two hours around the clock. Having bathed and stuffed their tummies, the kittens Solei and Luna cuddled up to a soft toy in their incubator and immediately fell asleep.

With such crumbs, they already showed a strong will to live. The sisters hugged tightly and did not let each other go.

Without mother's milk, newborns are vulnerable to infections. Luna's eye was inflamed, which required daily treatment.

Soleil began to support her sister inseparably and searched for her with her paws after each feeding. She lay down on the moon with her whole body or held her paw all the time, as if trying to console her.

From the very beginning, the tricolor sisters were at the same time, they were not separated at all.

Soleil supported Luna the most, stayed by her side all week while she recovered. “She was so loving and attached.”

Baby Luna looked up to her sister and followed in her footsteps. Every time Sarah came in with a bottle in her hands, the kittens started the song of their people, with Soleil taking the lead, and Luna sweetly singing along – the perfect duet.

Soleil, confident and outgoing, held her paws up to her foster mother's face while Luna watched intently, learning from the best.

When the kittens were big enough, they were transferred to spacious apartments with a large playpen where you can roam. They learned to walk in the same way, in a duet, constantly being in each other's field of vision and adopting habits during the game.

“These girls are very bright. Soleil is sweet, affectionate and greedy for attention, and Luna is daring, inquisitive, curious and affectionate. And she also loves to purr while her tummy is being rubbed, and to pull soft things with her paws.

“We always smile when we look at her. It is impossible not to fall in love with this ray of light,” says Sarah.

Sisters together since the day they were picked up from the curb. And they always plot pranks at the same time.

When it came time to adopt the kittens, Sarah really hoped that there would be special people who would love both girls and take them together.

The kittens spent over two months in overexposure and in a long wait , and finally their dream came true.

“They were both adopted. This is the very happy ending we dreamed of,” wrote Sarah.

“We rejoice for them and their wonderful new family.”

Kittens Nala (renamed) and Luna live better lives with people who adore them.

“Everything is fine at home. Girls are loved and spoiled. We are happy for them and they are always in our hearts.”

Source: bezkota.ru

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