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The kittens survived homelessness together, and now they help each other become braver, change

Two homeless kittens were rescued from the street together. They are very attached to each other, and this helps them become more confident.

At the beginning of this year, zookeepers Dorset Rescue Kittens (Ontario, Canada) took several wild kittens from the cat colony. Two of them, Cholula (tricolor) and Tabasco (striped), have been clinging to each other since the moment they were rescued.

How It turns out they've been together since early childhood. “We think they're from the same brood, but we're not 100% sure,” says Caylee Seymour, founder of Dorset Rescue Kittens.

With the help of volunteers, the kittens were transferred to foster care. The person who fed them and other cats all this time, asked very much not to separate the kittens, because they are very friendly.

The tricolor and the striped one were placed in a quiet, calm room where they could relax. But the kittens were horrified by the new environment and people, and hid behind the furniture.

fight with tooth and claw. Cholula tried to bite, and Tabasco did not leave the hiding place, ”says Caylee.

And only the mountains of goodies, which could not be resisted, lured them out. The kittens began to slowly and carefully explore their new abode.

They always moved together, as if insuring each other. They still had a long time to get used to and adapt, but together they felt more protected.

Every day the kittens left their secluded place calmer and easier. In the end, it got to the point that in the presence of their guardians they risked taking a walk and even closing their eyes a little. this idea.

Still remaining timid and wary, they nevertheless mutually gave each other courage, holding together. They even wrapped their tails around each other when they walked around the room.

“The explosive kittens began to come to their senses and put up with this warm, cozy place.”

The adoptive mother used tricks to win over the kittens. “Cholula herself is not herself to a laser pointer, and her brother Tabasco is easier to socialize with food.”

Continuing their daily excursions, the kittens became braver and calmer, and began to treat people favorably.

They urged each other to try unknown and were already considering the possibility of climbing into the hands of a person. They follow each other and need each other to feel more confident. If one of the kittens does something, the other one does the same,” Caylee says.

“They love to wash each other and cuddle on the couch or the cat's climbing frame. They did everything together, even when they lived in a large colony. ”

Cholula and Tabasco become more confident every day and calmly walk around the house. They really like the many places to sleep, which they try one after another.

“When the time for adoption comes, we will look for patient hosts for them who are willing to work with them on their

to give them a treat. They are already beginning to want affection even without food, but so far they are at the very beginning of this path. ”

The tricolor girl and the striped boy have been through a lot, but they will never return to the street.

Both enjoy the joys home life and remain a support for each other.

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