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The kitten, which almost died out, sunk into the soul of the rescuers

An abandoned brood kitten finds a new life thanks to kind people.

Four little kittens, only two weeks old, were picked up on the street and brought to Saving One Life. The babies were in urgent need of foster care, and Carolina Grace, a volunteer, offered to help.

required more attention and care. “He had an eye infection, and one eye didn’t even open on our first meeting,” says Karolina.

After several warm compresses combined with eye ointment, the eye was cleared of dirt and began to open. “He immediately became my favorite, a special bond was established between us.”

While the other kittens were making progress, Chester suddenly got worse due to the fading syndrome. He fell into such lethargy and weakness that he could not even raise his head. No one knew if he would survive, but Carolina decided not to give up.

Carrie, the director of Saving One Life, joined in to help. The kitten got out. with vitamin B12, glucose and nutrient solutions – from this he would at least wake up a little and allow a drop of formula to be poured into his mouth. After that, I gently stroked his throat so that he could swallow. ”

The next days, Carolina looked after the kitten around the clock according to a clear schedule. She fed him every 1.5 hours, day and night, making sure that he did not weaken or freeze.

“When he was sick, I pressed him to my heart and promised that if he survived, he would forever remain right here with me,” says Caroline.

“I promised to give him a better life, love and always take care of him. I just wanted him to fight and get well.”

After a week of the woman's selfless efforts, Chester finally stopped getting worse. He began to approach the amendment, and at the same time his glorious eccentric nature appeared.

While the siblings played or fought with each other, Chester preferred to be with mom and dad – to look after what they busy.

Caroline's husband Matt fell in love with a kitten and always opened his arms when the little one wanted tenderness.

“We called Chester a drunken sailor because of his clumsiness and lack of coordination. He constantly made us laugh with his stupid and strange behavior. “

Soon the husband and wife realized that Chester was already at home. “He fit perfectly into our family, and we realized that we would never part.” . He liked to relax, lying on mom or dad and giving kisses.

“He likes to be held like a baby and his super-fluffy belly rubbed like a dog. He is so eccentric and special, and we love him very much.

The red-striped boy turned into a luxurious cat. But some things remained the same.

“Now he is nine months old, he is hefty, healthy and handsome. It's hard to believe that he was once a weak little man,” says Karolina.

“He is very loving, wants to be around people all the time. He just likes affection, and he purrs when you take him in your arms. ”

“Chester sleeps on our bed at the foot of our bed, and every morning, seeing that we wake up, he comes up, rubs his nose against our faces and flops between me and Matt, lying down this way and that way to be petted.”

Caroline has a special bond with Chester from day one. After almost dying as a kitten, he went deep into her heart.

“Chester's experience taught me how important advanced lifeguard skills are when working with newborns”, says Caroline.

“After that, I trained and learned new things to save more little lives. He is my constant reminder that I don't give up on a child, no matter how bad it looks.”

“I love him very, very much and am grateful that he came into my life.”

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