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The dog from the shelter wanted to find the owner so badly that she extended her paw to everyone who stopped at her cage.

Animal shelters are a good cause. However, it often happens that the pets there are not kept in the best conditions and do not know the manifestations of affection and love.

But this is exactly what we need so badly!

Many animals have resigned themselves to their situation and silently await the decision of their fate. And there are those who do their best to attract people's attention and do not sit idly by. Thus, they increase their chances of finding a new owner and a long-awaited home.

Such a “fighter” is a dog named Ray. He lived in the shelter for about a year and during this time he extended his paw to each visitor. Ray was here for a sad reason. His former owner abused him, often starved him, and later threw him into the street.

Despite this, the dog did not lose faith in people. Fate rewarded Ray in full. One day Jerome passed by his cage.

As soon as the dog extended his paw to him, Jerome immediately realized that he had found exactly the dog he was looking for. Now they have become real friends, and the dog has found a family where he is loved and appreciated.

Source: duck.show

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